Sunday, August 18, 2013

Uncommon Rhythm- Worthy of Note

Ah, the world of lindy hop blogging has been abuzz (also kvetching) about various topics such as: sexism in lead/follow, coverage of the summer shenanigans in Herrang, and the Cool Jazz Video contest results.  There were a few moments that made me feel a bit uncomfortable and ALMOST made me leave my couch of morning sickness this summer to post a snide comment or two on said lindy hop blog-o-sphere, but alas, nausea won over my drive to give my two cents.

However, feeling a reprieve from such goings, I want to feature a really cool project that some of my friends up in Phoenix, AZ(plus a lovely extra person from NY that Howard met while we were at ABW this summer), are putting on. It is definitely a project worthy of note.

Jonathan, Lainey, Dabs, and Karen are rabble rousing to get a video project featuring lindy hoppers off the ground. Not to mention they also have an amazing crew of collaborators(Ryan, Jesus, Miguel, and Kelly) that are helping them get this show rolling. Though they don't call themselves lindy hoppers in the promo video-they call themselves 'authentic jazz dancers'-I suspect they do this for the masses. I suppose that is a more descriptive way of naming lindy hoppers since the vast majority of world says, "Wha'? Lindy what?" - cue head scratch here.

Here's the gist: Uncommon Rhythm is a show where they travel around the world trying to learn dance in other cultures. They have approximately 72 hours to perform such a feat. Short time period, I know, but how cool will it be to get some exposure to new dance cultures through the lenses of fellow lindy hoppers? Plus, I really want to see Jonathan bust a move in another dance form. So, check it out :)

Kick Starter Video

If you can, kick in a few bucks(or more) for their Kick Starter page:

Swing out and prosper!


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