Sunday, January 01, 2012

Recipe for Dance Badassery 2012

Greetings 2012!

New Year resolutions you ask? Yes! Be more consistent with the blog? Check. Start a weekly venue? Check. Make weekly swing dance lessons available? Check. Choreograph more? Check.

So, more on that weekly venue. Warehouse Stomp is going weekly and moving to Friday nights! Be sure to join us every week for Tucson's FIRST weekly venue (not counting Swing Cats). I am hoping that our community will grow by having a stable place that is not university oriented. Not that I don't love the university, but at least the parking will be better. :)

So, as a courtesy to all dancers out there, let me give you a dance recipe that will help you improve your technique, moves, and get closer with the greater dance community.

Recipe for Badassery

Ingredients List:
  • Love to dance
  • Love for the music (one of the most important ingredients in my opinion)
  • Social dance
  • Positive perspective and fierceness 
  • Lessons for technique
  • Travel
  • Youtube nerditude; know thy community!

Sometimes the love for dance and the love for music is something that you develop. This comes with the investment of  and experience. This is where social dance comes in. Just do it. Do it a lot. Dance. Dance. Dance. There is no such thing as too much social dancing! Take lessons, privates, whatever, those are important to develop technique and whatnot...but it means NOTHING unless you apply it. So, get your butt out there and DANCE!

Traveling is very important. Dance life can get very stale unless you travel. Don't have a ton of money? Our neighbors up in Phoenix are a good place to start. They have dancing seven days a week, so take a road trip up there on occasion and visit them. Also, relatively speaking, Albuquerque and L.A. are not super far either- both driving distance. You can bet your butt that dancing in another city is different but refreshing experience. Save money by carpooling, couch surf at host houses, split hotel rooms, do whatever you need to be frugal. The moral of the story is that if you can leave the state for traveling and get to some of the bigger events- DO IT! 

So, maybe your are like, "What the fuck Gayl? I can't travel. I still don't have money for that crap! Not to mention lack of time to travel." Sure, I know. I have been there. I was a grad student, blah blah blah. Well, there are several options. Some events offer volunteer programs to help offset the cost. But let's face it, that doesn't always work out either, so.... here is where YouTube nerditude and know thy community comes in to play. First, any great lindy event worth their salt publishes their videos on YouTube. Such services allow those of us lacking in travel means to live vicariously through these videos. They inspire us to aspire to learn and there have been many videos that inspired me to attend such events. Learn about the greater community, learn the history, stay informed about current events in our culture! Tucson is a VERY small pond, so get out there and discover our rich culture.

Don't know what to search for? Well, check out lindy blogs and forums for ideas. My two main go to sites areYehoodi and Jerry's FB feed (Like Wander & Pondering -JSALMONTE). Jerry's blog is also linked on my page below. There is a whole world of lindy hop going on as your read this damn blog. That's the beauty of all this lindy mania... as a lindy hopper you share a love for dance and music with people from all over! Almost every city, no matter what country, if the town is a decent size there is a high probability that there is a lindy scene there.

Now for perspective and fierceness. Also long as your dancing is approached with the purpose of having fun, well you will be just fine. Check your ego at the door and just enjoy yourself. Nothing is more of a buzz kill then a snooty lindy hopper. That being said, be fierce about what you are learning. Ask respectful questions in class, get in touch with how you learn, you'll always have a better experience for it. Just remember, no matter what, there is always something to learn from any situation. 

So, get out there and try this recipe for Badassery.

Swing out and prosper!


PS feel free to add anything that I missed!

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