Monday, August 01, 2011

Camp Hollywood 2011

Ahhh Tucson, I am back from my dance shenanigans!

I think this was the 14th year that Camp Hollywood has run? It is driving distance! I am not sure why other Tucson people didn't come (except for you Rob).  Anyways...

This is the second year in a row that Howard and I have gone. Good god, the music ROCKED this year. It was definitely better than last year.  Of course this is largely due to Jonathan Stout, but the icing on the cake was the Careless Lovers, you know, the Black Coffee peeps. Yeah, late night live music rocked. Anyways, enough gushing about music. Really, there is nothing more joyful for me that swingin' music. It is definitely the reason why I dance.

Plus, the competitions were fun to watch! We made Bal finals. Good god I was terrified, but psyched at the same time. Great experience and now we are fired up to get better. I also made JnJ finals, which of course I blew big time. But still, it felt good to make finals. Bottom line, we had a blast. Plus, I love watching comps! Check out Morgan and Emily's awesome Mario NES homage. Super creative and it sparked nostalgia from everybody. I loved it!

Also, check out Alice and Peter! So creative and cute. Story telling in choreography at its best.

Oh, this video is for Bill Morse! Haha, lindy hoppers are multiplying!!!

Anyways, there are a ton of other videos on Youtube if you are interested. Browse at your discretion.

Not only did I get to dance all weekend and hang out with super awesome friends (thanks to my roomies Debra and Booty!), but I made it up to SF to dance. Great times in CA. :)

Anyhow, I am super pumped to do another swing event. We might be going to ULHS, we shall see.

Swing out and prosper!


PS Tucson, get ready, a Bal venue is the works :)


Howard said...

I had to add my 2 pennies here, because I really had an amazing time at Camp Hollywood this year.

First off, this event has been running for a long time, and it really showed in the way it was run. Just about everything was organized well, and things started on time. For such a big event, that is not easy, so I commend Hillary Alexander for that.

Second, the music was just great every night. I enjoyed every band, especially the Careless Lovers (I love their "janky" sound). If I were to change something, I'd want more carpet dancing at late night. Dancing in the main ballroom is great, but carpet dances feel more intimate and casual, and is just a nice way to wind down at 3 or 4 am. BTW, here's the link to their Black Coffee music video:

Then, there's the competitions, which were impressive across the board, even the amateur levels. I'm also really glad we competed, because it gives us a gauge of where we are as dancers and performers. It's also strong motivation to help us become better dancers. To do that, we also need to travel to other events across the country.

That leads me to another observation, I noticed LA dancers have a certain style or (as Jonathan Lindsey called it) "dialect" that's different than here in AZ. They tend to use a different set of movements to accent musically. I'm really looking forward to experiencing some of these different dialects from other events, to expand my own dancing vocabulary.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event, meeting up with friends again, and having an amazing time.


katymight said...

Ohhh boy. I anticipate lots of excellent and nerdy conversations about dance dialects! Can't wait.