Monday, May 02, 2011

May and Celebrating Frankie

My dearest Tucsonans(yes, that is how we say it here in Tucson!) and Guests,

Just a few updates. As you can see, I moved all of the monthly dance info to the right side bar for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to our regular events, we have added another dance. Friday May 27th is the night we are celebrating the great and late Frankie Manning, the Ambassador of Lindy Hop. The 26th is his birthday, but we figure it might be easier for everyone if it was on a Friday night. It was his passion that helped make the lindy community what it is today. Please visit the Facebook event page for details.

Last month we had an AZ Dancer trek to Albuquerque, New Mexico for 505 Stomp. Tucson in the house! We had nine people from Tucson and three from Phoenix that joined us for trekking fun.

Okay, we got a stellar group deal. $75 for the entire weekend! Plus a posh hotel for $65/night. The top notch instructors included Peter andNaomiAndy and Nina, and Mike and Laura. Classes were split into three tracks. The master track was nice and small, at only six couples in the class. (Woot for breaking down all of our shit and fixing it up). Though I have danced for many a year and never have had the pleasure of having class with these particular instructors.  I learned lots of juicy material, of which I must practice now :)

I have to say...that I really enjoy going to smaller events like this one. Also, props to Howard, he made the Jack and Jill finals! The only negative for the weekend was that the band sucked. I could be nice and say that it wasn't my thing, but no, it did really suck. End of music snobbery. Try not to fight me on this, I am old and have two degrees in music(plus completed course work for a DMA).  Therefore, I am entitled to my own opinion.

J and J finals

Inspiring performance by the local troupe!

UNM's performance team, Jive O'Five

Here's to great dancing, good times, and new friends. Albuquerque, you rock, thanks for a great time!

Swing out and prosper.



katymight said...

I love the revamped blog, Gayl! Can't wait for Frankie night!

Brett said...

The band did suck. They pulled a bait and switch on us. That particular band has been known to play decent danceable music, but apparently they thought that we'd rather dance to shit... They will NOT be back next year. I guarantee it.