Wednesday, March 30, 2011


'Ello Tucsonans and visitors,

Tucsonans are going to 505 Stomp! Check out the page, maybe you'll join us? :) Third weekend of the month.

If you are not going to join us for 505 Stomp please support your local professional modern dance company by attending the NewArticulation Dance Theater's WaterShed production April 15th or 16th, 8pm. Howard and I choreographed a piece for the show!

SavoyFit is doing a tap unit this month, Saturdays Noon-1:30, taught by Mija Sanders. Taught by lindy hopper for lindy hoppers!

April Dances

1) 1st Saturdays: WareHouse Stomp!
Dance Starts at 8pm
Lessons: Crash Course Lesson at 7:30pm
Additional info: Charleston Competition this month, $3 entry fee, bring food for potluck!
Where: The DanceLoft
620 E 19th St
Tucson AZ 85719

2) 2nd Friday of the Month: Tucson Stomps
Where: The United Methodist Church is the site for the second Friday of the month dance. It's on University and Park Avenues behind the Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop.

3) 3nd Saturdays: 520 Swing
Dance Starts at 8:00pm goes until 11 pm
Lessons: Beginner Lesson at 7:30pm.
Where: 2512 E. 6th Street. Across from Rincon Market
Price: $5 for all. FREE water.

4) 4th Saturdays: Armory Park
Dance starts at 8:00pm
Lessons: Beginner lessons from 7pm – 8pm with Alex and Theresa
Where: Armory Park Senior Center, 220 S. 5th Avenue
Price: Cost is $10 ($15 for Tucson Swings!) per person at the door
Contact: "Alex"

Swing out and prosper!


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