Friday, January 07, 2011

January Lindy Happenings

Happy New Year All!

Upcoming non swing cat classes available:

If you are new to dancing, check out our Current Classes/Workshop Page  for information about a ten week series of classes that is starting up on January 31, 2011! 

Also, keep checking back, but Mija Sanders (in my opinion a dance rockstar), is doing a Charleston series February on the 6th, 13th,20th, 7pm, at the The DanceLoft. Stay tuned for class description!!! Fliers will be available by next week.

Okay, Tucsonans, here is the list for dances this month.

1. This Friday is Tucson Stomps:
When: Second Friday of the month; Dance starts at 8:00pm
Lessons: Beginner Lesson at 7:15 pm
Where: First United Methodist Church on 915 E 4th St, just next to Park and University
Price: $5 for students, $7 otherwise.

When: 3rd Saturdays of the month; Dance starting 8:00pm goes until 11 pm
Lessons: Beginner Lesson at 7:30pm.
Where: 2512 E. 6th Street. Across from Rincon Market
Price: $5 for all. FREE water.

3. Armory Park Dance
When: Fourth Saturday of the month; Dance starting at 8:00pm
Lessons: Beginner lessons from 7pm – 8pm with Alex and Theresa
Where: Armory Park Senior Center, 220 S. 5th Avenue
Price: Cost is $10 ($15 for Tucson Swings!) per person at the door
Contact: "Alex"

Tuesday nights. SwingCats starts the second week of classes, January 18th. The details are the same, Ina Gittings basement at 7pm. No lessons in January and the dances are FREE!!! Lessons start in February, 7pm Intermediate lesson, 8pm Beginning lesson.

Also, Thursday January 13th, 7pm, Swing Cats is having a business meeting at Old Chicago (Glenn/Campbell). Join in if you want to help out, etc. AND SwingCat t-shirts are available for purchase on the 18th. 
Anyhow, hope to see you all out and about! Stay tuned for more info coming your way.

Swing out and prosper!

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katymight said...

I think Stomps is next Friday, the 14th. Two dances in one weekend! Since this is actually the first Friday, what with the new year and all.