Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shamu beware! A LAP report.

Lindy And Party Dance Weekend! BAM!

Good times. Good dancing. Enough said. Hah. Jk.

Okay, there were tons of awesome dancers this year. Even more than the previous year. Which put me in social dancing heaven. I was also happy to see that Phoenix dancers came out, eventually. It was surprising how many did not do the entire weekend. Since there was a wedding in the scene, I guess we can forgive them ;)

Hopefully, they will show up next year!

If you like lindy and not party, do NOT come to this event! There is plenty of party at this event for those of us 21 and over. Yeah, the hardcore lindy goers might not appreciate the hospitality room clearing out the floor for the party goers. Also, if you are sensitive to cheap alcohol... BYO!

That last comment was totally directed at myself. Yeah. Me, lightweight. Bad.

Even if you do not like party, the hotel is awesome for this event. Affordable. Relaxing. Fun in the sun! The water park, which we did not make it to this year, is pretty awesome. *Tear* Or, if you prefer, there are multiple pools and spas on the hotel grounds for a more quiet setting. See? Even if you are anti party there is something at this event for you too. No excuses!

Anyways, if you complained about the sure to check out the early bird prices next year! Very reasonably priced. No whining and plan ahead!

Penultimate point:

Props to our friend Anna for placing second in the Intermediate division Jack&Jill. You rocked it girl. Cheer, cheer, cheer!

Ultimate point:

Well...all I can say to LAP goers...

BEWARE TO ALL WHALE DEFILERS! (You know who you are!!!)

Free Willy can and will take revenge. Muahaha!

Swing out and prosper.


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